Google Play Services 16.0.91 Rolled Out With Enhanced Privacy and Security Settings And Bug Fixes

Maybe you have noticed that Google is very active with its updates on each application. Almost every week, the company is releasing updates to the Google Play Store, Play Service, and other apps, for a lot of changes and fixes. Of course, not every update you will see brings significant changes, but even small changes are contributing to the user experience. If you are wondering what is new in the version Google Play Services 16.0.91, let’s take a look.

What Is New in Google Play Services 16.0.91?

The novelty comes for Google Play Service app on Android devices. This update comes after three weeks from the last update. So now, Google Play Service is updated from version 15.0.90 to version 16.0.91.

Having the Google Play Service updated will he help your device to synchronized contacts, to access all the latest user privacy setting, or will give you a higher quality and long-powered location services. Also, the core functionality to your Google account will be improved, your gaming experience as well, and it will speed up the offline searches. Google Play Services 16.0.91 is giving you the user experience for other applications you use on your smartphone.

How to Update to the Latest Google Play Services 16.0.91

Updating to Google Play Services 16.0.91 will provide your smartphone with a lot of bug fixes and improvements at the performance area. Due to this information, it is essential and recommended to download and install the Google Play Services 16.0.91 and enjoy the best experience as an Android user.

Finally, if you want to download and install the new Google Play Services 16.0.91, you can either wait for the update to roll out automatically on your device or download Google Play Services 16.0.91 as an APK file and install it right away. Take note that if you install an APK for the first time, you must change some settings. So go to Settings and then Security, and allow Installation from Unknown Sources.

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