Google Play Store for Android TV 14.5.31 Update with Better Software Stability is Now Available for Download

The entertainment industry was changed when smart TVs launched and there is no doubt about that. Google releases a special version of its Android operating system for smart TVs and this made it possible for users to get access to a plethora of apps that make it easier for them to get all the entertainment that they need. However, this all wouldn’t be possible without help from the Google Play Store.

We think it’s safe to say that everyone who has ever used an Android powered device knows just how important the Google Play Store is to the operating system. This is the place where all Android users go to whenever they want to download any fun games or apps such as Netflix or HBO Go. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Google Play Store is updated on a daily basis on both the mobile and TV versions of Android.

Google Play Store for Android TV 14.5.31 Update

Android smart TV users should be happy to find out that the Google Play Store has just been updated. The new update sports the 14.5.31 version number and all Android fans can download it right now. Therefore, we are advising all Android smart TV users to keep their devices connected to a stable Wi-Fi network and download the new update as soon as it appears.

Software Stability

The new update doesn’t come with any exciting features or UI (user interface) changes to the Google Play Store. However, the software improvements which are being brought by the new update can’t be seen doesn’t mean that they are not important. These are under the hood tweaks which means that even though Android smart TV users can’t see them, they will certainly feel them because they improve the overall software stability of the Google Play Store

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