Samsung Works On A Wraparound Display For A Future Folding Smartphone

While the release date of the upcoming Galaxy Fold has been delayed it seems that Samsung Is already looking forward to futuristic foldable display designs. A reliable source has observed that the company received a patent for a continuous display which can be folded over the top and rear areas of a smartphone.

Several applications were already identified by fascinated forum users, including the ability to follow a live translation on the rear panel or the option to take selfies with the rear camera.

Users will be able to activate different screen segments by holding a hand or a sensor above them. A selfies camera won’t be necessary since users can use the back panel to take selfies with the rear camera. As the screen can be folded around the device, it is likely that the segment found on top could be used to display notifications and other important content without the need to remove it from your pocket.

Samsung is working hard to compete with other folding smartphone manufactures

Some companies were a bit faster than Samsung as they offer a similar concept. The Vivo NEX Dual Display device features a fully-featured rear display, and a dedicated Pose Director will guide the users as they aim to take beautiful photos.

Samsung is currently under fire since the afore-mentioned Samsung Galaxy Fold has received negative feedback from several reviewers. The initial schedule noted that the device would be released on 3 May, but a new release date will be provided in the following weeks. The delay is a major disappointment for Samsung fans and the company alike.

With a price of $1,980, it was clear from the start that the device will not be a major hit, but some hoped that it fuels a fresh innovation trend among smartphone manufacturers as the market has become quite stale. Several reviewers noted that the units were afflicted by a variety of issues like freezes and flickering. It remains to be seen if the patent will make the transition to a functional device in the future.

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