OnePlus 7 Pro Will Offer 3x Optical Zoom Thanks To An Excellent 48-Mp Camera Setup

In less than two weeks the OnePlus 7 Pro will be officially unveiled. Many are looking forward to the official announcement but the internet rumor machine is already hard at work, and there are several rumors which surround the anticipated smartphone.

A reliable source has managed to obtain what appears to be a pre-production model of the upcoming device, a feat which provides access to a large selection of valuable information. Besides the dedicated zoom lens, the device will also sport a 48MP sensor which should deliver beautiful images.

A triple camera setup has been confirmed, but the type of the third camera has remained elusive. It is unlikely that a time-of-flight sensor will make an appearance, and speculation which led many sources to claim that OnePlus will add a wide-angle camera.

OnePlus 7 Pro Will Offer 3x Optical Zoom

According to a spokesperson the decision to include an optical zoom lens was based on feedback provided by users. While the company wanted to improve the experience of taking photos, it was also concerned with the style of the device. The goal is to deliver a device which can attract photography lovers without the need to compromise the iconic looks.

Select sources claim that the photos taken with the help of the zoom lens are detail and crisp, and it seems that the overall image quality has been improved considerably in comparison to previous OnePlus models. The camera interface will be similar to the one found on the 6T as the company wishes to deliver a seamless user experience. The source which examined the pre-production model mentioned that the performance isn’t as great as the one offered by the Huawei P30 Pro, but it is clear that OnePlus strives to make the camera better.

A great addition comes in the form of a dedicated low-light mode which delivers excellent images. It may not beat giants like Google, but it is quite impressive. It remains to be seen if the device will manage to attract a larger user base.

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