Facebook Lite Beta Is Now Available To Download With Improvements

Facebook is still one of the most popular social networks on the web, despite the fact that Instagram, also owned by Facebook, Inc., gained increased popularity lately. On mobile devices, you can access Facebook via two applications – Facebook App and Facebook Lite. Today, we’re going to talk about the latest Facebook Lite Beta which is now available to download with improvements.

The differences between the standard Facebook App and Facebook Lite are minimal. More specifically, Facebook Lite occupies less internal storage than the Facebook app, and it’s also much faster and stable on low- and mid-range smartphones. In reality, Facebook designed Facebook Lite, especially for those low-profile devices.

In short, Facebook Lite offers the same features as the regular Facebook App and the web-based variant of the social network. Even more, it comes with the possibility to send and receive instant messages on Facebook Lite without the need to install Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Lite Beta Came Out With Improvements

While Facebook frequently updates its apps with new features and functions, that’s not always the case. For instance, some updates only bring several bug fixes and improvements, and that’s also what’s all about Facebook Lite Beta.

Accordingly, Facebook Lite Beta comes with improvements for stability and performance. More specifically, the new Facebook Lite Beta contains some bug fixes and tweaks that improve the speed and the user experience with the application. Besides these under the hood enhancements, we don’t have any visible changes or new features in this latest Facebook Lite update.

Also, you should take note that, besides Facebook Lite, Facebook also offers a “lite” variant of its popular Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger Lite comes with the same features and functions of the standard Facebook Messenger application, only that is smaller and faster, and it is ideal for low- and mid-range Android devices, such as Facebook Lite.

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