Facebook Messenger Lite Beta Is Available To Download With Improvements

The target of the Facebook Messenger Lite app is the budget smartphones which’s Internet connection is not that great compared to high-end ones. Since the app launched it has been an instant hit, and millions of people use it daily. Facebook Messenger Lite app lacked some significant features at the time of the launch in comparison with the original Messenger app. Now, Facebook Messenger Lite Beta is available to download.

However, only people who are of Messenger Lite Beta program can get this version of Messenger Lite. Now, it is time to see how Facebook has improved its Messenger Lite Beta.

Facebook has a lot of applications, and for almost all of its major ones, it has been running Beta programs. This way, the company can test some new changes and features thanks to this program before rolling it out to the general public. Even if the new feature has some glitches or bugs, the new feature can be rolled out to the public via Play Store after those are easily fixed.

Facebook Messenger Lite Beta Update

Some significant stability improvements and bug fixes are introduced along with the latest Messenger Lite update, and that is awesome as it needed some. Some bugs were added to the Messenger Lite since the last update for the app, and according to some reports, when starting a new conversation, the app would crash.

However, the latest update has fixed all these bugs, so they will not be bothering users anymore. If you want to get the Messenger Lite Beta for yourself, all you need to do is to access the link below, download and install the APK file on your Android phone to become a part of this beta program.

Facebook Messenger Lite Beta update is, therefore, available for Beta testers of Facebook Messenger Lite or for everyone who downloads and installs APK files.

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