New ‘Brawl Stars’ Patch Notes Available To Download

Brawl Stars fans gather round! There’s a new April update that has just been released for this great game by Supercell. The new patch brings quite some interesting updates, such as users being able to change their username’s color, enjoy some balance updates, or unlock new Brawler Rosa. But what else is there for us to enjoy? Let’s have a look.

What Does the Patch Bring New?

First, we need to mention the name color change. After the patch is installed, players can change for free the color of their name. Once you click the profile icon found in the upper left corner, you will go to the Trophy Road, where you can access the rewards. Click the small, white square on the left, and you’ll go to the character profile. There, if you click the gear icon next to the avatar, you can choose from 12 various colors.

Another significant change we need to mention is a new rare Brawler, the Rosa. This will be coming soon to the game, and it will come with the main attack as Hands of Stone: Flurry of punches. Rosa is able to create a second skin made of vines, which prevents 80% of any incoming damage for 6 seconds. Soon, we will also get to enjoy some new skins, called Bunny Penny and Shiba Nita.

The developers did not overlook the maps either, bringing some dynamic map elements into the game. Moreover, meteors have an improved logic when it comes to targeting grouped players, plus their explosion radius has increased. Sadly, Energy Drinks and healing mushrooms will now spawn farther away from grouped players, which makes it even more challenging.

To sum it up, there are many more great additions to the latest patch released by Supercell, so make sure you don’t miss it. Which ones did you enjoy the most?

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