Garena Free Fire 1.30.0 APK Introduces New Character, Weapons, Pet System and Anti-Hacking Tool

Even though PUBG Mobile was the first game to bring the Battle Royale mode to the gaming industry, other developers have quickly released their own versions of the mode with Garena Free Fire being the perfect example of that. Garena Free Fire is a fun mobile game that lets players jump into a 50-player arena where they need to loot gear as fast as possible and take down all enemies that show up in their path. The fun thing about Garena Free Fire is the fact that this mobile game encourages teamwork and players who get together with their friends will always have an advantage over the ones who don’t.

New Content

Garena Free Fire has been downloaded by tens of millions of people on the Google Play Store alone and we think that this is more than enough to make it clear to everyone that Garena Free Fire is a really fun game. However, what makes Garena Free Fires stand out from all other mobile games is the fact that the developers are constantly releasing new updates that introduce fresh content, powerful weapons and much more. In fact, today we are going to check out the latest update for Garena Free Fire and see everything that it introduces.

Garena Free Fire 1.30.0 Update

The latest update for Garena Free Fire arrived last month and it changed the game’s version number to 1.30.0. This is one of the biggest updates that the game has received and it comes with lots of improvements. Without any further ado, let’s check out the patch notes and see all the features that the game introduces:

  1. Added Graveyard area in the Bermuda zone;
  2. Added a new character named “Moco”;
  3. Introduced a new Pet System;
  4. Added powerful new weapons;
  5. New anti-hacking system.

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