Google Play Services 16.1.55 Beta Update Introduces New Software Stability Tweaks

Google Play Services takes care of many high-priority tasks in the Android operating system. However, the most important one has to be the fact that Google Play Services is making it possible for both native Android and third-party apps to receive OTA (over the air) software updates. This is why Google Play Services is considered to be a valuable component in the Android operating system and why Google is updating it every single day.

Android Beta Program

Before we present the latest update for Google Play Services, we need to talk about the Android Beta Program. The fastest way to get access to all the latest Android updates is to enroll in the Android Beta Program.

What’s great about this program is that the only thing that Android beta testers need to do in exchange for receiving the privilege of accessing all of Google’s latest updates is to provide the developers with solid feedback in case they discover a bug or glitch, which is highly unlikely anyway.

Google Play Services 16.1.55 Beta Update

The latest update for Google Play Services sports the 16.1.55 version number and as previously noted, it can only be downloaded by Android beta testers right now. Fortunately, enrolling in the Android Beta Program doesn’t take longer than a couple of minutes and everyone who owns an Android powered device is eligible to do it.

Faster Performances

The new Google Play Services update introduces a handful of software tweaks that have been designed to optimize the overall performances of the Android operating system. Not just that, but the update also brings a couple of bug fixes that make sure that Google Play Services or any other native Android app doesn’t randomly crash or glitches while being used.

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