SHAREit 4.7.54 APK Update Is Out – It Takes Care Of Random Buffering Of Online Videos And Brings A New Feature

SHAREit is an app that definitely excels at file sharing among other things..

But another reason for which the app is so popular is that it’s always updated in order to provide users the best possible experience.

Lots of useful features packed in the SHAREit app 

Some of the best features sported by this app are that it’s 200 faster compared to Bluetooth, you can enjoy many online videos, thousands of curated music playlists and also enjoy the integrated video/music player.

There are also a lot of file types that SHAREit can support.

And last, but not least, SHAREit is a cross-platform app, and this means that it can be installed on both Android and iOS.

Here’s that latest update for the SHAREit app, the second one for April.

SHAREit 4.7.58 Beta Update

This is the latest update for the application and it brings some significant improvements for the software.

To be more precise, the update takes care of SHAREit’s pre-installed video player.

Everyone who has ever used the app knows that it packs a lot of handy features and it’s also essential to learn that not all of them are focused on sharing files between devices.

The app is also great in terms of entertainment because it allows you to stream thousands of full HD videos that you can watch both online and offline.

Enhanced video player experience without buffering 

The update makes sure that you can enjoy watching videos without having to get annoyed by random buffering which might have plagued the videos from time to time.

The update makes sure to optimize the video feeding for streaming. You will be able to watch any full HD videos without having to wait for it to load.

The new update also brings a new feature that’s called “Double Tap” and enables users to fast forward or rewind videos.

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