Facebook Messenger Receives Dark Mode For Everyone – Here’s How To Enable It

Facebook Messenger received a hidden Dark Mode in March. Back then, it could have been enabled by sending the moon emoji in a chat and then tapping on it.

The feature was not available to the general public back then because Facebook developers were still testing how it worked.

Now, it seems that the testing phase has been completed since the Dark Mode rolled out to all iOS and Android users.

Facebook Messenger receives Dark Mode

The Dark Mode feature is no longer an Easter Egg that can get activated by sending the moon emoji in a chat and from now on everyone will be able to enable it from the Setting menu.

All that you have to do in order to check out the feature is heading over to the app’s Setting menu, tap on the profile picture of the application and then tap again on the toggle switch that says dark mode.

Why is the Dark Mode advantageous? 

It’s important to learn that the Dark Mode makes Facebook Messenger cooler and more sleek-looking at least for some users.

But the best thing about the dark mode is that it makes it easier on your eyes especially for users who are on Messenger during the night and are annoyed by having a bright light basting their eyes every time they hop on the app.

The Dark Mode also lowers the overall use of your smartphone’s battery power that usually Facebook Messenger needs in order to work.

Closing words 

The feature is definitely a really useful one from at least two points of view which we mentioned above.

And overall it’s also nice that the UI of Facebook Messenger looks excellent with it and for some users, it will make it even more enjoyable to stay and chat on Messenger.

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