Skype Update: You Can Share Your Smartphone’s Screen During Video Calls

Skype is definitely the most popular video chatting app these days, and there are a lot of reasons for this achievement. The app is always improving via new updates, and another one just landed.

This update can be called a high priority one, and this means that all Skype users should make sure to download it as soon as possible because it brings a feature that has been awaited for a really long time.

Screen sharing feature

The brand new feature included in Skype’s latest update for Android and iOS makes it possible for users to share the smartphone’s screen during video calls.

This might not seem something groundbreaking, but it will be useful.

Screen sharing comes in handy when you’re trying to show someone something or to teach them something. You can definitely find a lot of reasons for which this new feature will turn out useful.

PowerPoint Presentations 

Skype is also really popular in companies, and small businesses and developers said that the new screen sharing feature would make it easier for people to present their PowerPoint slideshows when they have office meetings.

The addition of this new feature also makes it easier for Skype to compete against the likes of Cisco WebEX, Zoom and GoTo Meeting which are specially designed for corporations.

The new feature is available for both Andoird and iOS users, but it’s worth noting that the only users who will be able to access the update are the Skype beta users.

On the other hand, this will definitely be released in the future to the general public via over the air channels shortly and then everyone can enjoy the goodies it brings.

From phones to tablets and from Macs to PCs, Skype is available for everyone and as the company says, “Skype keeps the world talking.”

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