Android Q Might Copy A Feature From Apple – 3D Touch ID

You may know that Apple introduced the 3D Touch feature back in 2016 when it launched the iPhone 6S.

This turned out to be quite a useful feature that makes it possible for iOS users to gain access to shortcuts every time they long press on an app or any other kind of menu option.

There’s a brand new string of code from Android Q which is reportedly revealing that Google plans to copy the 3D Touch ID and implement it in its upcoming OS.

3D Touch ID for Android Q

Developer Till Kotmann was the first one who spotted this new feature, and he made the statement about it over Twitter

“Android Q adds native support to detect “Force presses.” Not sure if this will actually check pressure values, or (based on the name) just use ML magic,” he posted.

Deep press

By the look of things, Google seems to be dubbing the new feature as Deep Press. One interesting thing worth noting about this new feature is the fact that it will allow app and game developers to create special UI options for Android fans.

On the other hand, it’s not very clear just yet whether the smartphone manufacturers will have to implement some kind of new display tech in order to detect the press or if maybe Android Q will feature machine learning software that will be doing this for smartphones.

Apple removed the 3D Touch ID from its latest iPhones, and the reasons for which the tech giant decided to do this is because iOS app and game developers did not implement it in their code and the feature was not used.

Android Q was recently in the spotlight after it was reported that in the most recent beta of Android Q, users have to enable the Install unknown apps permission each time that they want to install an APK.

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