Android Q Forces Users To Give Permission For Unknown App Installs Every Time They Get An APK

Android Q brings a novelty regarding installing apps from outside of the Google Play Store.

You probably know by now that in Android 8.1 Oreo and Android 9 Pie, if users want to install an app that’s not in the Google Play Store, they will have to enable Install Unknown apps permission for all apps that users will be using to install APKs.

After you enabled that option, it will remain like that until you decide that it’s time to disable it manually.

Beta versions of Android Q

Android Authority reports that this will not be the case with the first two beta versions of Android Q.

In the most recent beta of Android Q, users have to enable the Install unknown apps permission each and every time that they want to install an APK.

This means that whenever you want to install APKs from outside the Play Store, you will have to do a lot of tapping with the Android Q.

The online publication also mentions the fact that this is just a beta version of the OS and it could be a bug.

“It’s possible that the stable version of the OS won’t behave this way, and instead work more like current versions of Android.”

They also write that this is the kind of feature that would line with Google’s emphasis on security and privacy with Android Q. The online publication concludes by saying that the feature will probably make it to the launch.

Android Q Beta 2 update 

In other news, Android Q Beta 2 update is out.

Pixel smartphone users should be happy to learn that Google has released the second version of Android Q Beta.

The brand new OS can be manually flashed on Pixel smartphones, but it’s not recommended that Pixel users who are not experienced with the process to do it.

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