Brawl Stars’ Next Update Could Be Huge, Here’s Why

Ask any Brawl Stars player how they feel about the game right now and the updates, and they would all ask for more new content, and if possible, to go live faster. However, the Brawl Stars dev team is not huge, so they cannot prepare massive monthly updates, but they’re keeping the game balanced and fix any issues as fast as possible.

Why did we say that Brawl Stars will have a huge update in the future? In today’s announcement from Ryan, dev team member, and community manager, we also found some comments on Reddit that made us think about the next update.

Brawl Stars Update to Be Massive?

The March update brought a new brawler – Carl, and a new game mode – Siege, along with quality of life improvements, new maps, balance changes, and some fixes. By our standards, it was a huge update. The next one could be the same, if not even bigger, noted Digital Overload‘s Sonia Theo.

Here’s the announcement from Ryan and a few of the hints we got from his comments that point towards the next update:

No Brawl Talk for the next couple weeks. We’re still busy working on the update!

On Reddit, one user replied:

next couple WEEKS??? why? are they planning to drop a massive update?

Now our theory is that since the last update came with that much content, the next one should be the same. It’s been over a month since the March update was announced, so if in two weeks Brawl Talk will announce the update, we might get that big update in May – meaning that we will have two months between the two updates. Ryan replies that a massive update takes a few months:

Typically updates take multiple months. We’ve just been in super-fast-mode since launch 😛

As to why not publish some of the things that will come to the game, Ryan explained that:

SO MUCH can change between now and the update. If we filmed it today, it would all be wrong by next week and we’d have to start over.

He also added that a lot of things could change from a week to another, so they have to set in stone the things they want to change or add, and then make the announcement.

The last update was introduced at the beginning of March, reaching v. 16.176, which introduced Carl and the Siege game mode among other things.

If you want to learn more about the next update, come back here for more news.

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