Fortnite 8.20 Patch Update Available Soon With New Fixes and Changes

An update is coming this week for the Fornite players, more precisely on March 27. iOS, Xbox One, Android, Nintendo, PS4 and PC are getting the new update, Fortnite 8.20, with some bug fixes. The update includes server-side improvements, tweaks to weapons and grenades, and is rectifying the field of view for a mobile device on 21:9.

Sean Hamilton, Epic Games community coordinator, has listed patch notes on Reddit. He is saying that there is a possibility that some of these fixes do not work as expected, or to make it into the patch.

Here is a list with Fortnite update 8.20 patch notes:

The Gameplay – we have fixed on the icy feet effect; the occurrence of a player being invulnerable while DBNO; the camera who sometimes was traveling too far when you were cycling to another player; and the traps will damage first The Baller vehicle before the driver.

The Weapons and Items – fixed are the issues where the players were flying in a different direction than expected from the Pirate Cannon. The Clingers were damaging other players through walls; the motion of grenade projectile trajectories are smoothed; the sound of the released balloons is gone when you enter a vehicle if you don’t have balloons; the ability to open a Pirate Cannon when you are close to the other geometry.

Art and Animation – the destruction effects on the Baller when it’s destroyed is now fixed.

Performance – they updated the animation budgets to be more performant; the rare server crash is fixed; also the poor server performance that causes unnecessary movement corrections; added a server improvement to the Baller vehicle.

Audio – fixed is the issue where dropping some items from inventory don’t have proper sound.

UI and Spectating – the Main Menu icons becoming off-center are fixed; the bug that is causing a player’s Squad Fill to reset to Fill; scopes will now wouldn’t miss the reticle lines on low settings, and the camera movement problems when switching to different views is fixed.

Mobile – the view on 21:9 device is fixed; no more camera jump to the initial touch input; the missing outline effect for squad member is corrected too; during the Victory Royale sequence the minimap remained on the screen; you could select now the building material if you are a passenger in a vehicle. The extra buttons and the quickbar are not stuck on a continuous loop anymore, and no more incorrect building pieces for gaining focus when editing.

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