Xender For Android & iOS: Best Reasons To Try It Out

You have to admit that besides browsing all day long on social media, sharing files with your smartphone is probably one of the most popular activities that involve the device.

We’re all sharing funny videos and pics with our buddies, but people also share more serious documents, presentations which are or aren’t work-related.

Also, these documents should arrive in their original quality without it being affected.

More than that, high speed is another essential feature when it comes to sharing files via smartphones.

Both tech giants Google and Apple have made thing quite difficult for Android and iOS users to share files with one another.

How? Well, both OSs are restricting their users from interacting with one another, but don’t worry because this is where apps such as Xender step in to save the day.

Best reasons to try Xender

First of all, it’s pretty amazing that the app can gap the space between iOS and Android and it allows sharing files between the operating systems.

Here are the other two main reasons for which we definitely recommend that you grab the app right now.

Maximum security

Xender’s main features are all focused on sharing files, and this means that you really don’t have to be surprised that the app is usually used for sending crucial documents between smartphones.

Xender is definitely the users’ first choice in such a case because it provides the highest level of security.

The app guarantees security for all files that are shared through it, and this means that no third party ever can snoop around your data.

Fastest speeds

Another essential element that makes this app worthy of entering your phone is the speed at which you can share files.

Xender is able to transfer all types of files at speeds that reach up to 20 MB/s in normal network conditions. It’s also important to note that 20 MB/s is 200 times faster than the speed that Bluetooth offers.

So, wait no more and get Xender right now.

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