Android Q News: It Won’t Let Apps Turn Wi-Fi On And Off

We recently revealed that the very first developer preview of Android Q Beta has been released by Google, and it packs some pretty impressive features.

The system update comes with a new user interface and a lot of exclusive features that will definitely take the UX to the next level.

You can read more about the best features which the system update includes.

Turning on/off Wi-Fi

One of the things that make Android so popular might be the fact that it’s filled with a massive amount of automation and customization that can be achieved via its APIs.

Android Police notes that one of these is offering apps the ability to turn on and off Wi-Fi without any input from the users.

The online publication wrote that some of the most important beneficiaries of this feature are Tasker and IFTTT but “but there is always malware that could abuse access to that system feature. To prevent that, Android Q will cut off apps’ access to Wi-Fi settings,” the tech publication notes.

They also say that this change is already live in the first developer preview.

The article’s author, Manuel Vonau, writes that when he tried to set up a new device on Google’s own Home app with Wi-Fi turned off on Android Q, he was greeted by an error message.

This was saying that there were other issues since “Home doesn’t yet know that it can’t access the API.” Vonau also shows a screenshot.

Google’s recommendation 

It seems that Google is recommending developers to use the new setting panel prompt and make users toggle Wi-Fi themselves manually in order to avoid any issue.

This is definitely a viable solution for Google Home, but Android Police says that it will be crippling some apps such as the ones mentioned above. These apps were supposed to automate the feature for users.

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