Android Q Beta – Three Best Features

The very first developer preview of Android Q Beta has been released by Google this week, and it packs some pretty impressive features as you will see below.

The system update comes with a new user interface and a lot of exclusive features that will definitely take the UX to the next level.

Here are the three best feature that Android Q Beta flaunts.

  1. Dark Mode

This is a really popular feature that a lot of apps have been implementing lately. So, why not implement it in Android Q as well?

The first version of the feature is available in the developer preview of Android Q, but it seems that there are a few issues with it, according to the latest reports.

The OS is in its first beta build, and at the moment there isn’t any on and off switch for the Dark Mode.

On the other hand, this will definitely be good news for saving battery life.

2. Battery Display

As we said above, the Dark Mode will make sure that the phone’s battery life will be longer. Google also wants to make sure that users know exactly how much battery life they have left, so the battery icon in Quick Settings has been enhanced.

A small icon will pop up in the Quick Settings panel, and it will show users how much battery they have left.

3. Hidden emergency button

Another cool feature is an emergency button. This is hidden in the power menu, and it makes it much easier and faster for Android fans to call for help whenever it’s the case.

All you have to do is press and hold on the power button until the power menu appears.

These are the three new features worth mentioning from the Android Q Beta. There are others more, but we find these ones the most exciting.

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