Samsung Works On New Folding Smartphones

After years of anticipation, Samsung has finally released Galaxy Fold, the first foldable phone of a long series of future folding smartphones.

Some believe that it was just a one-time experiment which was made to showcase the technical prowess of the South Korean giant. It seems that Samsung has other plans as some sources claim that the company is working on a new pair of foldable phones, with one of them sporting a clamshell design, while the other seems to be inspired by the Mate X launched by Huawei.

The first device should be released before the end of 2019 while the second one could make an appearance in early 2020. Samsung has also showcased its flexible screen technology to other manufacturers, including big names like Apple and Google.

Samsung reportedly works on new folding smartphones

At this point, it is hard to say if the popular demand for flexible devices will warrant the costs of buying the parts. The first foldable devices are quite expensive, but Samsung hopes that it will be able to jumpstart the trend. It worked with the Samsung Galaxy Note back in the day, so the potential is there.

Other sources note that Samsung may offer free screen replacements for Samsung Galaxy Fold devices. Experiments have shown that a visible crease would appear after the screen is folded and unfolded for more than 10,000 times. Durability will play a significant role in the popularity of the device, and nobody wants to pay $1,900 on a smartphone that won’t work as expected for an extended period.

The company has been hard at work, and the successful release of the Samsung Galaxy S10 range will certainly provide substantial benefits throughout the year. The competition also focuses on delivering solid alternatives, and many people have already admired the Mate X presented by Huawei at the Mobile World Congress.

It remains to be seen if folding smartphones will become popular in the future. It is likely that foldable phones will get more traction as the prices become more affordable than it currently is.

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