Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Might Be The Winner Of 2019

After yesterday’s Unpacked event by Samsung, one thing has become clear for everyone. Phones have changed drastically, and they’ll never be the same.

Samsung only demoed the Galaxy Fold on stage, and the company reportedly did not give the journalists a chance to see or touch the phone0tablet hybrid up close, notes CNET’s author James Martin.

Brand new type of mobile phone 

With this new phone, Samsung managed to get everyone’s attention, and even it may not become a device that everyone will own, it’s still a viable example of a new type of mobile device, according to the same online publication.

“At $1,980, the Fold costs twice the starting price of the Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone XS. When Samsung Mobile SVO Justin Denison announced the Galaxy Fold’s price, the presentation hall rippled with audible gasps and groans (but really, I’m not surprised). Denison didn’t sugarcoat it, but he did prime the pump by calling it a “luxury device,” CNET writes.

The Galaxy Fold has two screens: “a 4.6-inches on the outside of the device as it’s closed like a book, and the other, a 7.3-inch display that stretches across the “inside” when you open it up to become a tablet.”

Display and cameras 

The Infinity Flex display in now thinner than any other mobile display ever. The Galaxy Fold runs on Android Pie, and it has on top Samsung’s new One UI interface.

The tech giant placed six cameras on the Galaxy Fold. Three of them are in the back, two on the inside and there’s also one camera on the cover. It’s pretty clear which cameras are for selfies, portraits, landscapes and everything else.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was shown off as well, and just as expected, it did not disappoint either. Probably the most exciting feature of that device is that it comes with built-in support for crypto.

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