PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 Update – What has been Added?

There is no introduction needed for a game like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds from Tencent. Over 200 million people play this game on their mobiles, and over 30 million of them play it daily. No stone remains unturned by Tencent when it comes to offering the best experience to their mobile payers. The latest update will prove that to you.

Take a look at everything the PUBG Mobile v0.11.0 incorporates

Different updates for 0.11.0 were received by both the iOS and the Android platform. Here are the changes:

  • Vikendi got Moonlight Weather added.
  • Player Spaces has been added.
  • The main menu has new music and themes from Resident Evil 2.
  • You can access Sanhok in Arcade – Quick Match.
  • The performance has been improved as well
  • Up to a month, only the match results are now archived.

Bugs for budget devices that can be seen on the terrain display have been fixed. Due to the fact that different performance comes from various android devices, this is important as the specs also modify this and the execution needs to be kept uniform across devices, players having equal chances to win.

Additional features that can only be found on the iOS platform:

  • Additional anniversary emotes, frames and avatars.
  • Until the stocks last, the anniversary items are on sale.
  • On the profile are now visible the connections and character image.
  • The addition of new titles such as Survivor which is time-limited and #1/100 which is permanent.
  • Under settings, you can now disable shadows, so the heat and battery usage are reduced.

You will see that in Vikendi some of the houses have been redesigned so now they seem visually more appealing.


If you are a PUBG fan, it means that all these features will considerably improve your gaming experience.

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