Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks: A Severe Problem Exposed Via Forbes

Various rumors and leaks about the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S10 have been flooding the Internet so far

The latest one that we also reported came from Forbes’ Gordon Kelly who wrote that there’s a considerable leak here that basically fils all the gaps and offers all the missing details so far.

The author said that there is some exciting news but a new concern as well and this involves the pricing.

Samsung also revealed a pre-order site in the US for “your next Galaxy Device” TechRadar announces.

Galaxy S10 latest leak reveals an issue

The same Forbes author, Gordon Kelly reveals another problem that Samsung’s device will have.

Forbes’ article reveals that a new video that has been leaked by MobileFun “highlights the issue: Samsung’s world-first Ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader does not work with screen protectors. Moreover, the only successful workarounds look either ugly or expensive,” Kelly writes.

It seems that the only solution for the standard screen protector is to cut a hole in them which has to be placed around the new sensor.

This will obviously look terrible, and it will expose a significant part of the phone’s display to potential damage.

Here’s the expensive option 

Forbes also presents the expensive option that users will have available.

“This comes via premium screen protector manufacturer Whitestone who told 9to5Google it would have the only protector which is compatible with the Galaxy S10’s Ultrasonic reader at launch. It will cost an eye-watering $60,” according to Forbes.

The famous publication also notes that currently it’s not yet known whether Whitestone’s method can be somehow reproduced cheaper and the precision liquid install process itself will be keeping away some buyers.

This is a really nasty issue especially since the Galaxy S10 will be the most expensive model of Galaxy S ever and considering that it will have the Ultrasonic reader backed into the display, you definitely won’t want to crack the screen.

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