Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date Confirmed By Samsung’s Official Website – Pre-Order Your Device

There have been tons of rumors and leaks about the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S10 so far.

The latest one that we also reported came from Forbes’ Gordon Kelly who wrote that there’s a considerable leak here that basically fils all the gaps and offers all the missing details so far.

The author said that there is some exciting news but a new concern as well.

Kelly writes that thanks to a source of Samsung’s retail channel, GSMArena received some detailed sheets with specs and features for the whole Galaxy S10 range. The concern involves the pricing of the devices.

The official launch date is out

After waiting for so long for an official announcement, Samsung Galaxy S10 enthusiasts finally get their wish. The tech giant has eventually decided to reveal the flagship’s release date ahead of its official launch.

The company revealed a pre-order site in the US for “your next Galaxy Device” TechRadar announces.

Reserve your phone ahead of the launch 

With the tag line of “we know you know what’s coming soon,” along with a big ten on the top, the site allows people to reserve their units ahead of the big launch.

The official website also promises that people who will be signing up will “get it first with early access to pre-order” and that the phone will be with users by March 8.

The funny thing is though that the site doesn’t mention which model of the phone you can pre-order. At the February 20 launch, we’ll definitely be getting a Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e.

“Samsung’s pre-order site also allows you to trade in your current model to save up to $550 on the cost of the phone – this is a similar scheme to that offered by Apple, but Samsung’s also offering a $50 credit towards accessories,” TechRadar notes.

Anyway, Samsung’s event is just around the corner, and after one week, we’ll know more.

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