Samsung Galaxy S10 Can Defeat Apple And Google With 2 Approaches

Everyone’s waiting anxiously for the Samsung Galaxy S10 these days.

Expected new features and issues 

The latest rumor that we also reported came from Forbes’ Gordon Kelly who wrote that there’s a considerable leak here that basically fils all the gaps and offers all the missing details so far.

The author said that there is some exciting news but a new concern as well and this involves the pricing.

Samsung also revealed a pre-order site in the US for “your next Galaxy Device” TechRadar announces.

More than that, Kelly reveals another problem that Samsung’s device will have.

Forbes’ article reveals that a new video that has been leaked by MobileFun “highlights the issue: Samsung’s world-first Ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader does not work with screen protectors. Moreover, the only successful workarounds look either ugly or expensive,” Kelly writes.

Two ways in which the Galaxy S10 can defeat Apple and Google

Forbes examines the ways in which Samsung Galaxy S10 could defeat its rivals Apple, Google and OnePlus.

The first required element noted by the famous online publication involves aggressive deals. Samsung used to offer promotions that allowed “iPhone owners borrow a Note or Galaxy smartphone for 30 days to ‘test drive’ its flagship tech. Samsung should bring this back, but extend it to Pixel owners too and offer scattered deals in the months after launch,” writes Forbes.

The second element involves working accessories. For instance, Samsung Galaxy S10’s wireless “Galaxy Bud” headphones will be a crucial element for Samsung considering that Apple and Google have their very own headphone lines as well.

In order to defeat the competition and to make the Galaxy phone more attractive, Samsung will have to create a better experience than the Pixel Buds and AirPods.

We’ll just have to see and wait what precisely the new Samsung flagship brings fresh.

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