Xender App Allows Quick & Easy File Sharing Between Android & iOS Devices

Sharing files via your smartphone is probably one of the most popular activities that involve such a device.

You can share funny videos and pics with your buddies, but people are share more serious documents, presentations which are or aren’t work-related.

Either way, users usually require the ability to send such documents in their original quality without it being affected.

More than that, high speed is another essential feature when it comes to sharing files via smartphones.

Both tech giants Google and Apple have made thing quite difficult for Android and iOS users to share files with one another. How? Well, both OSs are restricting their users from interacting with one another, but don’t worry because this is where apps such as Xender step in to save the day.

Bridging the gap between iOS and Android

Xender is a really powerful app that works on both Android and iOS devices.

What this app does is to bridge the gap between the two OSs, and it allows sharing files between them.

Besides this feature which is pretty essential, Xender also brings lots of other benefits and functionalities that users will find useful.

Best features of Xender

Security is the main and problably the most important feature that this app has to offer.

Developers understand just how important it is to be able to share data as safe as possible these days including fully installed apps, phone contacts, various documents and more.

This is why Xender has on board the best security system available.

This guarantees that third-party malicious actors will not be able to snoop around and interfere with your data.

The high quality of data sent is the other essential feature. Everyone wants to send the files while maintaining the original quality, and Xender makes sure that this happens. High speeds are also included.

You can send anything starting with high-res photos and finishing with 4k videos.

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