iPad Mini 5 Latest Release Date Leaks and Expected Changes

For the past several weeks the iPad Mini has been very discussed in the news. Even though many things we heard were only speculations, we can’t doubt the fact that the iPad Mini 5 from Apple will not come with a lot of new features and some design changes that will differentiate it from its predecessors. However, this information has not been confirmed yet. Now, thanks to Compal, some of the rumors received a little bit of finality.

Compal works together with Apple Inc on their Apple Watches and iPads, and this collaboration has been going for years. The company’s plants operate in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. C.P. Wong, Compal’s CEO, suggests that these plants’ existing capacity is being augmented, or at least this is what he said to some possible investors. The major source of income of this company come through these products which had been described by him as “non-PC.” Along with his statement, many speculations have been confirmed.

iPad Mini 5 and iPad Expected

As it does every year,  Apple is likely to hold an event in March where the company might make some announcements regarding its iPad Mini and iPad. The name of the new iPad might be iPad Mini. For the last three years, this device had not received any major updates so this is the best occasion for the company to maybe add a new processor, change the design and even get iPad Pro’s smart keyboard and Apple Pencil features into it.

Some prediction suggests that the iPad’s display will measure 10 inches and that its bezels will be thinners while there will also be some changes happening with the Apple Pencil and the smart keyboard.

The price of these devices remains unknown.

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