Apple Issues Vital iPhone Warning: High Caution To iOS 12 Upgrades Is Required

Forbes has been making sure lately to advise readers that great caution is required regarding the last four iOS 12 upgrades due to some really severe connectivity issues.

Severe iPhone issue, confirmed 

Gordon Kelly, a senior contributor at Forbes, says that he hopes people have been cautious because Apple “has now confirmed all iPhones running these iOS versions (12.1, 12.1.1, 12.1.2 and 12.1.3) have something much worse…”

It seems that in an official statement to Axios, the tech giant has eventually admitted that it’s possible to access audio and video on an iPhone that’s running iOS 12.1 or later versions.

The thing is that this is really easy for someone to achieve and more than that you will even be able to tell when something like this is happening to you.

The flaw is really dangerous and any iPhone owner has the ability to exploit other users of an iPhone, and all that’s required for this to happen are three simple steps.

  • Go to a contact and start a FaceTime call
  • Swipe up and select “Add Person”
  • Enter your own cell number and add yourself to the call

Forbes also notes that the consequences of this have left the privacy of millions of iPhone users exposed.

The whole thing has been made even more terrible by the revelations that Apple was warned about this bug almost a week earlier but didn’t do too much to fix things.

iOS 12 jailbreak

The iOS 12 jailbreak is another interesting issue to look at these days as it seems that developers have been making tons of progress in this regard.

Brandon Azad who is a popular developer in the jailbreak niche says that you should “keep an A12 research device on iOS 12.1.2” if you are interested in bootstrapping your iOS kernel security.

Min ‘Spark’ Zheng, an Alibaba security researcher, responded to Brandon’s tweet and stated that he is looking forward to seeing iOS 12 JB.

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