iOS 12 Jailbreak: Developers Are Progressing At A Fast Pace

If a while ago, liberating iOS devices from Apple’s “prison” in order to enjoy brand new features was something that developers were doing on a daily basis, these days it seems that things are getting more and more sophisticated.

It’s becoming more complicated to jailbreak iOS devices due to the fact that Cupertino is not a fan of this.

More than that, the company also added various new features to iOS devices, features that they have seen people who jailbroke the iOS devices adding and enjoying. In other words, people do have less reasons to jailbreak the devices.

iPhone and iPad users have become so focused and concerned about security that they eventually though that giving up jailbreaking is the best idea.

On the other hand, there’s always going to be the group of enthusiasts anxious to jailbreak iOS 12 devices.

Developers are progressing fast

Hackers and developers have been working on jailbreaking iOS 12 devices since the new software got rolled out by Cupertino in 2018. There is still no such thing as a fully-fledged public iOS 12 jailbreak available.

A few days ago, Apple released the iOS 12.1.3 to the public and developers hinted at the fact that the jailbreak of iOS 12.1.2 is pulled together.

If your desire is to jailbreak your device and on the other hand you have not upgraded to iOS 12.1.3 yet, then the best thing that you could do at the moment is keep things this way.

Devs’ advice 

Brandon Azad, a popular developer in the jailbreak niche says that you should “keep an A12 research device on iOS 12.1.2” if you are interested in bootstrapping your iOS kernel security.

Min ‘Spark’ Zheng who is an Alibaba security researcher, responded to Brandon’s tweet and stated that he is looking forward to seeing iOS 12 JB. Many vulnerabilities and bugs were discovered by Zheng in iOS software in the past.

Security Boulevard has recently announced the Jailbreak PoC for iOS 12 on iPhone X.

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