Fortnite Gamer Finds Massive Shotgun Bug In The Game – Epic Games Is Expected To Send A Patch ASAP

An enthusiast player of Fortnite has just discovered a bug that involves the Heavy Shotgun and with a bit of practice, this could very easily become a glitch in the game.

As you know, in Fortnite, players are building various structures in order to gain more advantage over the opponent.

For instance, walls are a way of protecting yourself against enemy bullets.

A bug in Fortnite 

But it looks like things are changing with this newly found bug. A Fortnite player called Airaga on Reddit is the one who discovered the bug.

Airaga was reportedly in the middle of a match when he used a launch pad to get near an enemy and then he built a wall for taking shelter.

His opponent used a heavy shotgun and he was still able to kill him because the gun shot through the wall.

“Airaga was obviously upset by the elimination and went into the game’s replay to investigate his elimination. He was able to discover that if a player is at the right angle, they can stick the heavy shotgun’s nozzle through a wall and shoot through it,” Fortnite Intel writes.

There’s also a clip shared on Reddit that shows the glitch and how it works.

The gamer tried to replicate the bug by using the pump and tactical shotguns but it seems that he was not able to pull that off.

Epic Games is expected to fix the issue 

“Yeah, and the guy who killed me didn’t even do it intentionally since it’s so easy to pull off. It could really mess some people’s games up,” Airaga said.

It’s important to understand that such bugs have a massive impact on the competitiveness of the game because players simply get unfair advantages.

Players are hoping that Epic Games comes up with a fix for this bug in Fortnite sooner rather than later.

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