The Elder Scrolls 6: Release Date, Possible Storyline

Considering Bethesda only showed us some scenes from The Elder Scrolls 6 reveal last summer, featuring a beautiful natural landscape with some ruins on a hill, there isn’t much we could build on it to get a sense of what we’ll experience in the next game. Unfortunately, there is no release date announced by Bethesda, but considering they will have to launch Starfield before that, we might be able to get The Elder Scrolls 6 beginning with 2020 – and that is the best case scenario.

We could look back in time at the previous Elder Scrolls installments and how they continue the story.

VGA has provided two theories for The Elder Scrolls VI story, and today we will look at the second one. If you haven’t read the first theory, check it out here.

What to Expect from The Elder Scrolls 6: Striking From the Shadows?

Will we miss the entire fall of the Empire? If Bethesda decides to make a large leap in time, we might completely miss the possible war between the Empire and the Dominion. This means that the storyline has infinite possibilities. We might play in a world taken over by the Aldmeri Dominion. Players could start the game as underground rebels against the Dominion and prepare to strike from the shadows. It’s nothing far-fetched if we look at the Blades in Skyrim.

The interesting part is that if we see the Empire fall, the world of Tamriel will be very different. What we know for certain is that we will see at least glimpses of the Empire, since it has been in all Elder Scrolls games. Nonetheless, the Empire kept declining in each game, so we might be actually witnessing the collapse.

And here is where it gets exciting.

If the Empire meets its downfall, we will see a new world map, and new nations – something we believe the game’s writers would strive to, as it’s a fruitful plot.

What we know is that Bethesda should do well and begin teasing the Elder Scrolls 6 sooner than they’d want to, considering all the unhappy Fallout fans.

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