The Elder Scrolls 6: Will We Battle in the Great War?

Now that Bethesda has released Fallout 76 and they’re working on Starfield, the next game to be released will be The Elder Scrolls 6. While there is no official date about either the next two games, game analysts believe that Bethesda should work hard to release something to please the fans since Fallout 76 has been a letdown. However, with rumors saying that The Elder Scrolls will be released in 2020, fans say they would rather wait longer for a better quality game than experience all the frustration they had from Fallout 76.

According to VGR, there are two theories for The Elder Scrolls VI story, and today we will look at one of them: The Decline of the Empire.

What to Expect from The Elder Scrolls 6?

Just by looking at how Skyrim ends, we could be thrown in the midst of a war between the Empire and the Thalmor.

The Empire wasn’t looking too strong at the end of Skyrim, seeing a continuous decline since Oblivion. Before the events in Skyrim, the great war between the Thalmor and the Empire ended with the Empire losing heavily in favor of the Thalmor, even after the peace agreement.

With the Empire previously losing Morrowind to the Black Marsh, then the Summerset Isles, Valenwood and Elsweyr to the Aldmeri Dominion, and Hammerfell after the peace agreement, in Skyrim it again faced the Stormcloak Rebellion.

The Empire is declining, and The Elder Scrolls VI might be when a great war begins again, with the Thalmor trying to conquer the weakened Empire which only has Cyrodiil, High Rock, and maybe Skyrim (if it’s not taken by the Stormcloak Rebellion) under their control.

Bethesda will have to choose a story line from Skyrim – the one where the Empire gets to have Skyrim, the Stormcloak Rebellion storyline or the Dark Brotherhood storyline where the Emperor Titus Mede II is assassinated by the Dragonborn.

But there’s also a catch.

The Elder Scrolls 6 Timeline – How does time pass in The Elder Scrolls?

Considering The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall occur in 3E 405, six years after the event in Arena, and then Morrowind occurred in 3E 427, which is 22 years in the future, and Oblivion follows only 4 years after it, and finally Skyrim jumps more than two hundred years in the future, what should we expect from The Elder Scrolls 6?

Will it take a small jump into the war between the Empire and the Dominion?

If Bethesda chooses the small leap, we could see the Empire collapsing or completely transform to turn the tables in their favor. The player could be in the frontline to witness these events and try to stop the Thalmore advance. Some events could be stopped, but just like in Oblivion, others are unavoidable. You could win a region such as Hammerfell and see the rest of the Empire lost.

Check out the second theory where we think that the writers might prepare something much bigger than before – will we be striking from the shadows?

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