Become A Clash of Clans Pro User With These Gameplay Tweaks

There are very few people who haven’t played Clash of Clans at least once. The game is one of the most popular mobile games. However, despite the fact that there are millions of players, not everyone is an expert. If you want to improve your strategy, we have a couple of tips that should help you evolve really quick.

Gameplay tips

  • If you have a Lighting Spell at a high level you can combine three of them in order to take down any kind of Air Defence.
  • In order to create splash damage to air units, you can use the Wizard Tower as it is the only defense that has this ability.
  • The troops that you have trained and that are present in your Army Camp won’t be lost during rival attacks if the Army Camp is destroyed. However, they won’t protect your base either.
  • You won’t be able to use most buildings while you are upgrading them. That is why it is recommended to have an active shield while you are upgrading your defenses. Try to upgrade a building right after a successful enemy attack. That is when your shield is fresh. The Elixir Storages, Dark Elixir Storages, Clan Castles, Army Camps, and Gold Storages can be used even while upgrading them.
  • Healers are not able to heal other Healers or other flying units. Therefore, you can only use Healers for ground units and Heroes.
  • Play the Clan Castle somewhere close to the center of your village. You can also add inside it Dragons, Wizards, Minions and Archers to create a strong defense.
  • If you see a high amount of resources which is a rounded number (such as 96,000 for instance) there is a big chance that the storages are empty and the resources are in their Gold Mines or Elixir Collectors.

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