The Successor of Samsung Galaxy Watch Might Get a Significant Design Change

Even though the Samsung Galaxy Watch was not released long ago (August 2018), Samsung is already planning to release a new smartwatch, which is expected to be named Samsung Galaxy Sport. The new device is believed to replace the previous Samsung Gear Sport. Based on some recent leaked renders of the upcoming device, we might be in for a surprise.

A new smartwatch is on its way, together with a surprise from Samsung

The South Korean company has a huge event coming up on 20th of February in San Francisco: Samsung Unpacked 2019. During the event, we expect to see the 10th anniversary handset Galaxy S10 being unveiled, together with the anticipated smartwatch.

Some renders of the upcoming watch have been recently leaked by well-known @OnLeaks on Twitter. According to his post, the prototypes are based on factory data. Even though the leaked pictures show a black smartwatch, the device is expected to arrive in four different colors: black, silver, pink gold and green. Now, if we look carefully at these images, we notice right away that there is a significant change in the design of the smartwatch: the bezel, which was present on the previous watches, is missing. This is quite strange, since it was definitely the favorite feature of many users and both the Samsung Galaxy Watch and the Samsung Gear Sport had it.

What could replace the missing bezel?

The purpose of the bezel on the earlier smartwatches was to allow users to interact with the device in a very useful way. By rotating the bezel, users were able to access menus and apps on the watch. After all, the OS that Samsung’s watches run on, Tizen OS, has been designed with the bezel in mind.

So how come it is now missing from the design? We can only assume that Samsung has either decided to remove the feature or it has found something else to replace it. Which one could it be? Judging by the way the smartwatch looks like in the leaked renders, we could presume there is a chance that the display itself will rotate, so a separate bezel would not be needed anymore. Still, one of the great things about the previous bezel was that it was able to protect the display whenever a user would knock their wrist, so its absence would be a shame. Nevertheless, we cannot wait to find out more about the design and features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Sport.

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