Powerful Google Play Store Tips and Tricks That You Need to Learn

Even though most Android users see the Google Play Store as a simple marketplace where they can download their favorite apps and games from, there’s more to this service that meets the eye. The Google Play Store is one of the most, if not the most important services that the Android operating system has to offer. The awesome thing about the Google Play Store is the fact that Google has kept on improving it through weekly APK updates and the service has gotten to the point that the large majority of Android users have no idea about the service’s best features. Nonetheless, today we are going to present the top three Google Play Store tips and tricks that every Android user needs to know about.

Powerful Google Play Store Tips and Tricks

·         Parental Lock

Smartphones are so popular nowadays that everyone owns one. However, we should always make sure that our children don’t get too obsessed with them and this is where the Google Play Store parental lock comes in. This feature can be used to set restrictions on things so that your kid won’t be able to access apps such as addictive games or inappropriate apps.

Open the Play Store Menu – Access Settings – Tap on Parental Controls – Tap on the Slider so that it says “On” – Create a parental PIN code.

·         The Indie Corner

Big companies are always releasing cool games, but if you want to see something truly new, then you should check out the Indie Corner. This can be done by opening an open browser from the smartphone and googling for “Indie Corner” which will show the “Discover Indie Corner” result from the Google Play Store.

·         Disable Automatic Updates


Are automatic updates annoying you? If your answer is yes, then you should be pleased to know that they can be disabled by following the next steps: Open the Google Play Store Menu – Head over to Settings – Tap on “Update Apps” – Now, pick the “Do not automatically update applications” option.

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