Massive Google Play Store Rival Reportedly Looks Set To Launch On Android In 2019

The console market’s current leaders are without a doubt the PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

These consoles will be reportedly happy to hear the news they won’t have to face the new rival of the Google Play Store and Valve’s Steam platform, announces.

It seems that there’s a massive Google Play Store rival that’s set to launch this year on Android and it will offer a challenge to the Internet giant.

We’re referring to Epic Games who are reportedly looking to take on Google Play Store with their very own venture this year.

The good news for the three companies behind the consoles we mentioned above, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo is that Epic Games does not have any plans to enter the console market.

Epic Games to launch their own store on Andoird

It’s pretty interesting that they plan to launch their store this year just when Apple’s App Store might also get a rival.

The announcement came from a new interview with Game Informer when Tim Sweeney from Epic Games said that the company plans to penetrate the App market.

It was also highlighted that they’re not interested in a move towards the consoles.

“The Epic Games store is launching on PC and Mac in 2018, and Android later in 2019,” Sweeney told Game Informer.

He continued and explained that “We’d like to launch on iOS in 2019; however, that is in apparent conflict with current Apple policy. We believe all general purpose computing devices, such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets, should be open to competition between stores.”

He went on said addressed the market of consoles: “Consoles are a different market, with dedicated game machines whose hardware costs are often partly subsidized by software revenue. Epic doesn’t seek to operate a storefront on console platforms, but as an engine maker we do everything we can to enable cross-platform interoperability.”

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