The Names of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Models Have Just Been Leaked

We’re getting closer and closer to the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, which we know now that it’s going to be the 20th of February, and it seems that Samsung might be reconsidering the names of the smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite might be called Samsung Galaxy S10 E

A new change seems to have occurred in the name of one of the three upcoming phones: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. The most affordable of the S10 series, which is rumored to have a 5.8-inch screen, could get a new name: Samsung Galaxy S10 E. As far as the other models are concerned, we can expect to see a 6.1-inch Samsung Galaxy S10 and a 6.4-inch Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. The recent news comes from Mobile Fun, which apparently got these details from one of their “long standing suppliers in China”. This supplier seems to have been using the Galaxy S10 E for “screen protector testing”.

Should we really believe the news?

Even though the names for the standard Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus are most probably accurate, we are not sure what to believe about the third name, Galaxy S10 E. When it comes to rumors like this one, Mobile Fun might not be the most reliable source out there. We know that so far the South Korean company only used the E name for its tablet line and not for the phones.

So should we really believe that Galaxy S10 E replaces Galaxy S10 Lite? We may not know yet. Still, we need to keep in mind the possibility that the name S10 E might still remain, but for different markets other than the US, where S10 Lite makes more sense. We will need to wait for more news on this to see where the truth lies.

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