Google Play Store Update On SMS Permissions Addresses A Change In Policy

Recently, Facebook alerted developers of Android apps regarding a change that it is making in order to comply with Google’s new policy about permission covering SMS.

New Google Play Store policy

There’s a brand new Google Play policy that took effect yesterday, and it says that if applications don’t require access to call log or SMS permission, those permissions have to be removed from those particular apps’ manifests.

Otherwise, the applications get removed from the Google Play Store.

“You should only access call log or SMS permissions when your app falls within permitted uses, and only to enable your app’s core functionality. Core functionality is defined as the main purpose of the app. It’s the feature most prominently documented and promoted in the app’s description—no other feature is more central to the app’s functionality. If this feature isn’t provided, the app is “broken” or rendered unusable (i.e., the app is deprived of its primary functionality and will not perform as a user would expect).” Google says via Adweek.

All developers who are confident that their apps meet the criteria can submit the permissions declaration form.

It’s also noteworthy that Facebook stated in a blog that developers should remove the RECEIVE_SMS permission from their applications’ manifests in order to comply with the Google Play policy and make sure that they will keep their Facebook Account Kit functional from now on as well.

Facebook also added that the next version of its Account Kit software development kit wouldn’t be using the RECEIVE_SMS permission anymore.

Google Play Store 13.1.32 APK update

There’s also a Google Play Store 13.1.32 APK update that just launched.

The latest APK update for the Play Store sports the 13.1.32 build number, and it can be downloaded right now from Google’s APK website.

Android users are advised to first head over to their smartphone’s Settings panel and to enable the “Unknown Sources” feature before getting the update.

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