Google Play Store 13.1.32 APK – Improving the Service’s Overall Performances

Everyone who has ever used an Android powered smartphone knows just how useful the Google Play Store really is. This platform is one of the best services that Android powered smartphones have to offer because it features hundreds of thousands of apps and games that Android users can download and use whenever they want. Not just that, but the Google Play Store is also essential to the Android operating system because it’s the place where all apps and games get their regular updates from.

Talking about updates, Android users should be pleased to know that Google has just released a new APK update for the Play Store. If this is the first time that you are reading about APK updates, then you don’t to worry about it because we will explain everything there is to know in the next paragraph.

Android Package Kit Updates

APK is the format that all Android developers like to release their updates in before rolling them out OTA (over the air). This means that APK updates give Android users a way to get their hands on the latest updates for their favorite apps, services and games ahead of everyone else. The trick to getting APK updates is that Android users need to do it manually. Luckily, Google’s official APK website gives Android users a safe way to get this type of updates.

Google Play Store 13.1.32 APK

The latest APK update for the Play Store sports the 13.1.32 build number and it can be downloaded right now from Google’s APK website. However, we advise all Android users to first head over to their smartphone’s Settings panel and to enable the “Unknown Sources” feature so that their smartphone become eligible to install APKs. All that Android users need to know about the new Play Store APK is that it enhances the service’s performances through bug fixes.

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