Facebook Pre-Installed App Cannot Be Deleted On Samsung Phones Such As Galaxy S8 And Users Are Mad

Both Facebook and Samsung are being slammed all over online amidst the latest reports that the pre-installed Facebook app cannot be deleted from phones such as Galaxy S8.

Bloomberg reported the news about the Galaxy users who tried in vain to delete the pre-installed Facebook app from their devices.

You can disable Facebook, but you cannot delete it 

Users have the ability to disable the app on the phone where it comes built-in, but they cannot delete it.

Facebook says that the app acts as if it were deleted, so it doesn’t collect any data. But who believes what Facebook says anymore these days? So, the users’ concern is quite understandable.

Facebook had quite a nasty 2018 trust-wise because, from a user privacy standpoint, things were pretty messed up after all the scandals that the social media giant was involved in.

Lots of users have taken to social media to highlight the fact that they are entirely displeased and some of them even promised to ditch their Samsung phones until things change.

“It just absolutely baffles me that if I wanted to completely get rid of Facebook that it essentially would still be on my phone, which brings up more questions,” photographer and affected user, Nick Winke told Bloomberg in an interview, as Trusted Reviews reports.

He continued and explained “Can they still track your information, your location, or whatever else they do? We the consumer should have say in what we want and don’t want on our products.”

Pre-installed Facebook is “an empty shell.”

On the other hand, there are some reports which claim that the Facebook pre-installed app on the devices is nothing more than an “empty shell.”

When you select the app from the home screen, the full app will get downloaded and disabling this, will return the app to its initial state.

Anyway, it would be a lot easier for users just to get the ability to delete the app if that’s what they want.

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