Jio TV vs. Airtel TV – Which One Should you Choose?

The market of online LIVE TV streaming platforms is rapidly increasing and it’s getting more and more difficult to choose your favourite from so many options. Next we will talk about Jio TV and Airtel TV, two apps that allow people to watch live TV channels right on their smartphones.

Both of them are free and have similar features, but one might surpass the other in some aspects. Before you choose between Jio and Airtel, look for more information and understand the differences between them.

Even if apps that enable free access to copyright-protected content are very controversial, tools like those mentioned above are gaining more users every day. The growing need is alimented by the fact that 4G-connectivity is penetrating deep into every country from this world. In this case, all you need to watch the latest TV shows, movies, sports and news channels LIVE anytime, anywhere is an app like Jio TV or Airtel TV and a smartphone or tablet.

Both apps come with cool features and good quality content

Jio TV takes the lead when it comes to the number of available channels. The platform has over 500 channels with wide coverage; this means that users can find content in the most commonly-used languages. Besides, Jio features some exclusives like Jio Sports or Jio Events.

In comparison, Airtel comes with 354 channels and it doesn’t have any exclusives. HD options are also restricted to 36 variants, while Jio TV offers 115 HD channels.

Both apps come with user-friendly interface and allow customization based on the users’ needs. The data consumption is not an issue when you’re using the aforementioned apps. Jio TV can be accessed through a dedicated SIM card, Wi-Fi connection used with sign-in details or through both methods.

On the other hand, Airtel TV is available through any data connection (may it be a SIM card or Wi-Fi network). All you have to do is sign in with the associated Airtel number. If we consider the features mentioned before, Jio TV seems to be more professional than Airtel TV. However, both of them are reliable apps, so try them and decide which suits you best.

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