US Carrier Sprint Will Launch a 5G Samsung Smartphone in the Summer, Probably Samsung Galaxy S10

On Monday Sprint has made an announcement that it will release a 5G-powered Samsung smartphone this summer, so fans of the South Korean company must be really excited about this news.

Sprint has announced that it will release the 3rd 5G device in the summer

This is not the first 5G device that Sprint will release, but rather the third one. The smartphone developed by Samsung will have dual-mode connectivity, which means that it will be able to access both LTE and 5G networks from Sprint. The mobile network operator mentioned that the phone will work on its 800 MHz, 1.9 GHz and 2.5 GHz spectrum bands, but also on other LTE spectrum bands for roaming.

Other phone carriers also have plans to launch 5G-powered phones this year

Sprint has pretty big plans when it comes to launching its mobile 5G network. The cellular provider wants to launch the network in nine big cities from the United States during the first half of the year: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Phoenix, Kansas City and Washington, D.C. We also know that Verizon has similar plans, as it has announced last year in December that it wants to release 5G smartphones in the US in the first half of 2019. AT&T also made an announcement that they will release a second 5G Samsung phone this year, so it looks like everyone is impatient to launch 5G devices in 2019.

The Chief Technology Officer from Sprint, Dr. John Saw, noted that “Samsung is one of our key 5G network infrastructure Massive MIMO providers, so we are delighted that they will also deliver one of our first 5G smartphones, putting blazing fast connectivity right into our customers’ hands.” We cannot wait to see exactly which phone this is about. It is believed that all the carriers are going to launch 5G Samsung Galaxy S10 phones, but we don’t know which variant yet. It remains to be seen.

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