Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Will Be as Powerful as the More Expensive Models

As you probably already know by now, Samsung is expected to launch five different Samsung Galaxy S10 variants in 2019, which is quite exciting. The rumors are that the South Korean company will release three 4G and two 5G models. Out of the five S10 versions, Samsung will first release the LTE smartphones: the standard Samsung Galaxy S10, a larger and more expensive Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and a more affordable, yet still powerful Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite.

Galaxy S10 Lite will be as powerful as the more expensive variants of the S10 series

The three main smartphones that we’ve just mentioned are expected to be unveiled by Samsung in February, while the other two 5G versions will be launched later this year. We have now some great news about the three upcoming devices. It looks like the company is finally adopting a strategy that Apple used before. Fans can expect all three phones to have the same core specifications. This, of course, means that even the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will be as powerful as the other two models, which are going to be more expensive.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite might surprise us all

Just as we’ve mentioned before, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will use the same processor as Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, which is Snapdragon 855 / Exynos 9820. It was confirmed by a leak that was posted on Twitter by tipster Ice Universe a few days ago. This is incredibly good news for fans, as it means that those who want to enjoy a premium experience but cannot afford to pay too much will still get an amazing deal if they purchase the Galaxy S10 Lite. The phone will probably be just as fast as its counterparts, so the only things you will not have are the four cameras, curved edges and an in-display fingerprint sensor. But you will get performance for sure.

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