More Malware Apps Are Removed From Google Play Store After Being Downloaded Over 2 Million Times

The fact that online threats are continually becoming more and more evolved is no news anymore.

But Google Play Store seems to have been confronting with this issue for quite a while now.

There have been so many problems lately and towards the end of 2018 that the whole thing became pretty disturbing.

It looks like another series of malware apps have been removed from the Store, but the bad news is that before they were kicked out, these were downloaded more than 2 million times.

22 apps have been removed 

A report coming from the security company called Sophos claims that Google managed to remove 22 apps from the Google Play Store that included malware.

Users who have downloaded the apps onto their devices triggered the unleash of a ton of issues and allows hackers to secretly download files from their servers. reported that the issues for users who downloaded any of these 22 apps grey more severe.

The apps were clicking on fraudulent ads, and they were also draining the battery during the process.

More than that, the apps kept on going in the background even after they had been closed, draining more battery power and also mobile data.

Even if the apps have been removed from the Play Store, the lousy thing is that some users will have these on their phones.

The problematic apps

Here are the apps with such issues: Sparkle FlashLight, Snake Attack, Math Solver, ShapeSorter, Tak A Trip, Magnifeye, Join Up, Zombie Killer, Space Rocket, Neon Pong, Just Flashlight, Table Soccer, Cliff Diver, Box Stack, Jelly Slice, AK Blackjack, Color Tiles, Animal Match, Roulette Mania, HexaFall, HexaBlocks and PairZap.

If you have any of these apps on your phone, delete them right away.

Back in December, we also reported that Google has also been working really hard in order to uncover which ratings and review are fake and which apps are not quite what they seem.

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