Fortnite Developer Bypasses Google Play Store’s System – Epic Games Generated $1 Billion In Revenue On Its Own

Apple App Store and Google Play Store may make some changes soon regarding their methods.

These two have been challenged by Epic Games, the company which released Fortnite. They proved that they could bypass the current system that the stores have.

Epic Games didn’t launch Fortnite via the Google Play Store

What the company did was launch the mobile game through an official website and not the Play Store. It was the Android version of the game, but Epic decided to do things on its own.

First, they rolled out the beta version for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy Tab S4 owners before they went public for other Android devices.

Android Community reported that Fortnite didn’t launch via the Play Store or from a fake site and Epic made sure to be clear about this from the very beginning.

There have been some fake Fortnite games seen on the app store, but the game’s developer made sure to highlight that it’s not available in the Google Play Store.

Epic Games was successful, but on the other hand, there have been some issues discovered. One of them is that fact that the Fortnite Android Installer could let hackers add malware.

It’s also important to note that the game was once blocked on in-store demos and there have been more issues, but these things did not stop this successful game from hitting 15 million downloads within a single month.

Epic Games generated $1 billion in revenue 

At the moment, Fortnite boasts 200 million registered players and Epic Games has already been able to make massive revenue of $1 billion on their own.

This means that Epic does not need to split the cash with Google because they released the game on its own.

Even if this sounds the ideal setup for game developers, it’s obvious that not everyone can do this.

Epic Games does have enough resources, and this means that they can release other games as well by bypassing Google and Apple’s business model. Apple allows developers to keep 70% of revenue.

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