Chinese Smartphone Apps Seem To Be Dominating The Indian Google Play Store – 44 Apps In Top 100 Are Chinese

The Indian smartphone buyers ecosystem welcomed with open arms the Chinese smartphone brands which include Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi and more.

It seems that it has also received with excitement Chinese apps on the Google Play Store back in 2018.

The number of Chinese apps surges 

The number of Chinese apps surged and now Republic World reports that this number managed to dominate the Indian smartphone users during the past year.

According to Factor Daily research, there have been 44 Chinese apps out of the top 100. This is a great achievement if we compare the numbers with the ones in 2017 when out of the top 100 all only 17 were originating from China.

“The top Chinese apps, as per the Factor Daily research report, include the likes of PUBG Mobile, ShHAREit, CamScanner, Clash of Kings, TikTok, and BeautyPlus,” according to Republic World.

The apps have seen enhanced downloads and an overall user base without a doubt.

Larger demand for non-English Indian content

It seems that there’s a new way of content consumption in India which is a new trend and this is a larger demand for non-English Indian content.

There has also been an increased number of smartphones in India even in the rural regions of the country.

This means that the apps that are providing content in the non-English language is also on the rise as well and this doesn’t even come as a surprise.

Chinese apps such as SHAREit have been targeting the non-English base in India and this might have added to the increased popularity of Chinese-developed apps in India as well.

PUBG Mobile turned out to be also really popular in India and the game managed to top the most downloaded Google Play Games list back in 2018. The Chinese app developers with their applications are becoming more and more popular in Google Play in India.

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