New Galaxy S10 Information Confirmed by a Sudden Samsung Leak

What we know so far about the Galaxy S10 is that its price will make some enthusiasts drop some tears and that its design will be a lot more different than its predecessor’s. According to a new leak, Samsung’s flagship version will leave you with the mouth open…

After giving as something to discuss the Galaxy S10 Lite, Ice Universe, out favorite mysterious industry insider, informed us that with the Galaxy S10+ we would see Samsung’s exact capabilities to design.

Ice Universe backs up its information by showing a series of official Samsung Galaxy S10+ cases that are shown in a video. From that we can see that the new phone’s display is expected to measure up to 6.7 inches, all because of how much its bezels will be reduced.

There are some other differences as well

On a second video from Ice Universe, the Galaxy S10+ is shown to have its triple lens camera (primary + wide-angle + 2x optical zoom) aligned horizontally. One thing that does not change and will make some future users happy is the fact that the headphone jack stays for this generation as well.

Based on Ice Universe’s experience, the information he provided is worth getting excited about especially when we take into consideration other information he leaked, and lately, it was proven to be right.

Even though the price might raise some eyebrows, one fact is true. After getting all that money out of your pocket or wallet, you will be happy to be left with such a futuristic and good quality flagship phone, let alone its design and its new features that are also soon to be leaked or, maybe, officially released by Samsung when the time will come.

Until then, you can get excited about what we know already and begin putting some money aside.

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