Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Gets Improved – Touchscreen Issue Fixes and a Fourth Android Pie beta Update

Faster than you think you will be able to get the Android Pie beta updates for your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It would not be the first time this phone receives such an update, but what we know from the South Korean, Indian and German users, it is something to wait for as they already have this fourth update.

What we know so far comes from SamMobile and their Samsung experts. Along with this update, the software version will be modified to N960FXXU2ZRLT. The previous Android Pie beta updates and it was three of them, introduced what was back there brand new the One UI. All of this along with OS updates and more features specific to Android Pie.

You must be disappointed if you thought that the third update was also the last one from the testing series. Unfortunately, it was not, but soon the Android Pie will be fully released on the Galaxy Note 9. Some issues came along with the previous updates, touch related ones, for example, so the fourth one comes as a fix for all the bugs that bother the users.

The touch issues we are talking about include the stock keyboard not responding towards the Note 9 display’s bottom right and the home button presses not being registered when the navigation gestures are used. The fixes that we mentioned are very important, and they will come along with the next Android Pie update which will not be the last either.

Do you want the fourth update of Android Pie on your Samsung Note 9? Here is how you do it:

  • Go to Software update which can be found in Settings
  • Download and install
  • In case you do not see it there, head to Samsung Members app.

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