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Android Face Recognition

Android Face Recognition – How To Set It Up On Your Phone Or Tab

Most newer versions of Android phones come with the Android Face Recognition feature that’s just another way of unlocking your Android device, besides a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint. Knowing how…

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Gmail Hack Alert: Here’s What You Need To Know

Some Gmail users received a notification that someone else signed in to their account. If this also happened to you too, don’t freak out because the issue has been solved,…

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move music from iPhone to Android

How To Move Music From iPhone To Android

Do you have an iPhone and you’d like to keep your tunes with you wherever you go? There are several methods you can use to move music from iPhone to…

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YoWhatsApp APK 7.90 Version Available to Download – Privacy Improvements and New Changes

We are sure that it doesn’t exist a phone in which the WhatsApp messenger isn’t installed on it. The app is now widespread and very used, but at the same…

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Boost Your Gmail Experience With These Five Features

Gmail is the best hub for managing your business, and for some, it may even be the tab they’re spending the most time on. Gmail can become even more potent…

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