One UI Android Pie Beta on a Galaxy S8 with Snapdragon chipset

The last month has been very intense for the mobile industry. A lot of updates and security patches were pushed over high-end, mid and lower-range devices. Perhaps the developers’ tendency is to prepare us for an even more intense 2019, when top notch devices with cool specs will be released.

The last couple of days seem to have been dedicated to a special category of Android fans. We are talking about those who are getting the One UI Android Pie beta. This is a closed version of the OS created for people who use Samsung Galaxy S8+ and Note 8 with Snapdragon chipset.

Samsung Galaxy S8 fans with Snapdragon already have the possibility to see how the One UI Android Pie beta works on their devices. The update is available for the mentioned smartphones as we speak. The ones who already have it say that the beta works good, but there’s still room for improvement.

The One UI Android Pie beta can be installed on Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8 and above

Like we mentioned before, the latest Android Pie update is only a beta version. Samsung users who want to download it will perform this process at their own risk. A lot of people are willing to take that risk, because the update brings them features like Dolby Atmos sound when they’re using headphones, intelligent scan and full-screen gestures.

The One UI Android Pie beta can be installed by user as long as he/ she follows all the indications automatically received throughout the process. Things become a lot easier if the person who downloads the update watches some dedicated tutorial. You can find more information and detailed indications on how to perform the beta’s download online.

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